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    When I ordered the Treo, I also ordered the case, car charger and extra syli. I've now received everything including the case about a half hour ago.

    I must say that I'm dissapointed in the case regarding both functionality and quality. My advice would be to hold off until EB, Vaja and some other quality vendors produce some options.

    The case adds too much bulk to the otherwise great form factor of the Treo. I'd already gotten use to carrying it in my pocket. With Dockers or other similar pants, you don't even notice it. I used to carry my Ipaq in a Vaja case on my belt and a Nokia 8290 in my pocket. The naked Treo seems every bit as unobtrusive in my pocket as the 8290, so I'm really wondering if I even need a case at all.

    I suppose the only use for the ActionPac (?) case that I can see is attaching it by it's D ring to a back pack. What I'd really like to see is a simple leather slip case with belt clip. I'd want the leather to not be real thick. My thoughts are less for padding/protection while on my belt, but low profile that compliments the already fine form factor of the Treo.

    What are your thoughts? Do you thinks a case is even necessary given the cover for screen protection?
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    What about a StarTac-type belt clip? Seems like the Treo should have come with one...
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    Originally posted by ddenson
    What about a StarTac-type belt clip? Seems like the Treo should have come with one...
    That's exactly what I want to know! I'm replacing my StarTac with my Treo, but I really miss the simple, fast-draw, robust, unobtrusive little clip the Startac had. I'd happily pay for one.

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    The best thing about the Treo (besides the keyboard) is the small size. Any case will increase the size. I'm going to go caseless. I just hope I don't drop and break it, as a case would cushion a fall.
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    I am still holding off on the Treo....

    But, I have the Blue Samsung N200 from Sprint
    I purchased last August. 80% of the scratches
    and dullness of the blue have been a result of
    just keeping my jeans pocket and I am very
    careful not to put keys/change/etc in that pocket
    but it has happened. I actually got the Goodfellows
    PDA screen protector cut down to size to go
    over the Samsungs display.

    The Treo will only be about 1" wider than that phone.

    Anyhow, I suspect over time, particularly after a report by one user dropping theirs, that paint on the Treo will probably rub off causing the dull/used looked. However, because it is a steel gray, it may not be as noticable as the Samsung.

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