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    I recently found out that VoiceStream offers an upgrade to their pinpong service (SMS) which extends messages to a maximum length of 500 characters for an extra $2.95/month. I signed up for the service, however, it seems as if the Treo still truncates messages to the previous limit. It also limits incoming messages to the previous limit as well.

    Does anyone know if this limit is imposed by the SMS software or is there a pref somewhere? Maybe there is another application that can handle this.

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    are you sure that the VoiceStream ping-pong upgrade 500 doesn't refer to the NUMBER of messages you're allowed to send per month without incurring a per-SMS-sent fee?

    that's been my understanding, anyway.
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    you are right. the 500 is associated with the number of messages. thats the last time i listen to voicestream customer service. and she was so proud to have addressed my request!


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    You could try emood messenger. This is an EMS program for palm that will enable you to send longer and also more creative sms/ems. see
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    The SMS Application in both Treo and VisorPhone always allowed long messages but they get divided into several 160 character segments.

    The 160 character limit is a network equipment limit imposed by the software in the GSM network. Any extension of the length is really sleight of hand where the messages are re-joined at arrival by the handset. This would only work on receiving handsets with the extended messaging and you would still get billed for the amount of 160 character segments used.

    In China, they still have to use the same 160 character limit and only get 90 usable characters by the time it is doublebyte encoded...160 seems like a lot by comparison.

    I am waiting for some smart person to invent an auto-stitching SMS application for Treo that puts long messages back together on receipt. I also would love to see an application which sends COntacts and datebook items via SMS.
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    While I agree that the Visorphone and Treo along for longer messages I am not sure VS allows it. When people have sent me messages that are longer than 160 characters they have always been cut off at 160 characters.
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    Like the Name suggests, SMS is for short messages like "will be lates", "call me tommorow" etc. If you want to send someone a story, use e-mail.
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    While I agree that SMS is meant to denote short messages, it has proven so useful to people that it deserves to be enhaced.

    I count myself lucky that I have a small piece of the 3G promise in my hand with Treo (and VisorPhone before it) where I could be on a phone call and send/receive SMS at the same time. To my mind this is the promise of 3G which GPRS and 1xRTT are not likely to deliver anytime soon. It is either voice or data for the foreseable future. Admittedly the data will be pretty fast but I like the idea of multitasking wireless activities without a dual radio device.

    I dont know of any other GSM phones which allow you to message while you talk.

    There is a danger that wireless carriers are going to charge too much for GPRS data or that regular (non-business) consumers will ignore it. I would far rather see robust enhanced SMS services which have been one of the best features of GSM for the last ten years in Europe.
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    Originally posted by meta_dave
    I dont know of any other GSM phones which allow you to message while you talk
    I think I'd be surprised if there are many where you can't do that. Certainly my current Nokia 8210 (a model that's a couple of years old now) lets me write or read messages while I'm talking. If you're calling someone, press the left soft key, scroll to Menu, and you can access the normal menus for messaging and other features.

    If a text comes in when I'm talking, the left button changes to 'Read'


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