This has been covered in bits and pieces throughout multiple posts (including here:, but I thought it worth mentioning, as I've got the suspicion that most people that use forums, unless utter newbies to how these types of boards work, don't bother to read the Forum Guidelines anywhere.

Folks, I think we all realise by this point that this phone has its pros and cons. The whole point of this forum is for people to be able to come here with both complaints and complements, and find help or give help. You are certainly entitled to gripe about feature x that you wish your Pre/Pixi had, or feature q that is not working correctly, and honestly, no-one really minds a little bit of ranting, we all do it. But the threads on here that are started "just to get opinion" (Come on, no-one is stupid or gullible enough to believe your inflammatory comments are intended to open constructive dialogue) that start flame and troll wars just make the community suck for everyone.

Re-read what you wrote before you post it, and check your wording. Don't intentionally try to **** people off to get your jollies out. If you just need to rant, then say so, but if all you have to say is negative, maybe you should consider either seeing a therapist or changing phones/carriers.

We're all (well, most) adults here, and I've noticed by and large that the community as a whole is able to act in a cohesive manner and treat each other decently even when we disagree, but some of these threads are simply ludicrous. Don't feed the trolls folks. They're like playground bullies in elementary school. They only do it for the attention, and when they get 7 page threads of argument going, it's like giving a junkie a fix. If they don't get that attention, they will go elsewhere, or conform to the appropriate behaviour for the forum.

Please note that I am not targeting anyone in particular, nor am I attempting to be inflammatory myself, and if any of this comes across that way, my apologies. I'd like to see this community continue to improve and be a place people feel comfortable coming to with questions and problems and requests. We were all raised with basic manners. Good rule of thumb- if you wouldn't say out loud to a new acquaintance's face whatever it is you just typed, you probably should either rephrase or not post it. You can disagree without being rude.

Alrighty, I think I'm done with my soapbox. Just wanted to throw this into the light, and hopefully make the forum just that much more the constructive help-site it's intended to be.

(Oh, and FYI, I simply will not respond to troll posts. I will, however, be free with my use of the report button.)