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    Analyst: Nokia Should Buy Palm | John Paczkowski | Digital Daily | AllThingsD

    never been a fan of this John P guy and it seems like everytime he talks about Palm he puts it down (seriously)

    I dont like Palm to be bought. Just thought it was worth posting here.
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    although it may be bad for Nokia to buy palm, we never really know what they plan to do with it.... for all we know it may be good

    I think if they let palm continue to do things there way it'll be very good, the only thing keeping the pre from fulfilling its users needs are things that can be done in updates and if Nokia buys palm the financial problems end. Which means palm can hire more developers. We've been spoiled by updates so far with palms small crew, imagine what we would get with financial support

    However if Nokia wants to take over and do things there way thats where the list of problems for me begin
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