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    Today I got an e-mail saying my car charger was shipped. It was at my door at noon. Great to have for those days when I use the cell phone alot. I'm averaging about 30-35% battery power left at the end of most days. Of course I've been synching a lot, exploring a lot and especially doing a lot of demos. People are really intrigued by the Treo.

    No I'm waiting for the case and the extra styli I ordered. I too got an e-mail from EB Cases that they are making a case for the Treo.

    Lovin' the Treo!
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    I bought alot of VAJA cases over the years, and they hold up well, and are constructed real nice. I never had an EB what is the web site address? I want my treo in a case as bad as I wanted my IPOD in a case.

    MY charger came today as well maybe the HS case is coming soon I hope

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    my travel charger arrived today. im still backordered on a usb hotsync cable and extra styli (lost mine on the first day )

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    Case and extra styli were shipped yesterday. I expect them this afternoon. Looks like Handspring is really steppin' it up.
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