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    I doubt Voicestream would provide insurance if my Treo was stolen. I checked, but that site is gone.

    Is there any insurance availability for this type of cell phone/pda? It would be worth 5 or 6 bucks a month.
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    Can you actually buy the option when you get the treo with a new connection? If it is without connection, i doubt it.

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    It was actually, The site now forwards to:

    I believe you can still insure something like the trio there.
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    Check your renters/home homers policy. Also, check your
    auto policy. If your car is broken into, depending on your
    coverage, personal items in the car are covered.

    There are deductibles, but some of the better policies will cover theft outside of your home.

    Also make sure if you used a credit card, particularly some of better quality issuers of Platinum VISA/MasterCard and American Express policies, that they may cover you as well for a period of time.

    Two things I hate:

    1. unnecessary insurance
    2. "protection"/add-on warrenties


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