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    I am getting ready to cut down a screen protector for the Treo screen. I recently read on the SPUG board (while pining away for the Treo to arrive) that someone else used 2 screen protectors: one on the screen and another on the cover.

    Has anyone tried it? How is the visability?

    I understand the reason for the protector on the cover: I don't plan on using a case, as the Treo fits great inside my pocket. It would be nice to keep the cover as scratch-free as possible, but I worry about visability.
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    The Treo already comes with a screen protector on the outside.
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    True, but it comes with a tab hanging onto the bottom of the film for its removal. Also, that film seemed to darken the cover. I fear that a regular screen protector might yield similar results.
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    I think putting a screen protector on the flip window would be a little.... obsessive. I put one on the screen, sure, but the window is more scratch resistant, and hey, if it gets a scratch, it doesn't really affect your visibility all that much.
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    Are there any screen protectors out for the Treo that don't have to be cut down? I never used screen protection on my Ipaq and after a year and a half the screen was in excellent condition. I cleaned it regularly and had the little habit of scratching my ear with the stylus which "waxed" the tip a little. Yuck! I know. But it's an old fly rod trick as well. Just rub the joints behind your ear. So.... just how durable might the Handspring screen be in comparison to others?
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    you can use the flip window protector that comes with it and put it inside. The size is perfect.


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