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    Check out this story originally posted on PDALive...

    I don't have a Treo, so I can't test it out, though
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    Got it and it's pretty cool.


    It's free if you register by SMS. There is a little piano keyboard that lets you enter your own tunes, but the best thing is that you can use any Palm alarm sound as a ringtone, so download away!

    NB: choose a short alarm for your SMS alert, because you don't see the message until the alert is finished playing.
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    We need a hack that can assign custom ring tones to individual people's numbers! I'm going to miss this from my other cell phone.
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    Im using the ringo to upload new ringtones that i 'stole' from ringtone websites for cellular phones.

    Find a website for cellularphone ringtones that lets you preview them in MIDI-format.

    Save the MIDI-file from the browsers cache.

    Convert it to palm alarm using Palm MIDI desktop.

    Upload it to my Treo using Ringo

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    why rip off ring tones? if you can afford the treo why be so cheap! I paid a whole $10 (us) for hundereds!! that way software guys can afford treos too!!

    just a thought,

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