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    Being that the google wave goodness has been passed on to me, I am spreading the proverbial love.....First 7 to PM me get my remaining invites! Remember to include your E-Mail address.

    I likey take apart thingies....
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    PM sent
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    God I love google wave.

    It's 1 step short of telepathy, me and my friend were programming together and he was writing the function prototypes while i was revisioning other stuff and while he created 1 object, i created another in the same open document.

    For an english essay, i added 4 friends to a wave to help me revise my essay real time.

    Wonderful WONDERFUL technology.
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    Quote Originally Posted by charles77k View Post
    PM sent
    Invite sent!
    I likey take apart thingies....
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    p0ke lol
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    PM sent, thanks in advance! (:
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    pm sent

    hopefully I made the top 7
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    pm sent, pls lemme get it
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    did we make it???
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    guess not...
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    For those of you who sent Google Wave Nominations out.... how long did it take before the friend or forum member received the actually invite?
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