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    anyone know how i get my contact acounts to sync with palm profile. i have internalz and i am keeping a copy of the database.db3 file on my computer as a backup. only problem is for some reason when i do a backup all my google contacts wont save to my palm profile. forgive me if i am getting the wrong idea of what the backup function is for but ive already lost all contacts once.

    Can anyone help
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    Synergy just groups all your contacts together, it does not actually sync them all to keep them uptodate. If you set your default profile to google, then all your new contacts that you add will automatically sync with google. The old contacts in your palm profile will not by syncd to google. To do that you will have to extract the contacts out of the palm profile and add them to google. Try using a tool like this:

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    cheers for the information. i will give it a try. it wud be useful to store contacts on phone incase for any reason one of the contact accounts or synergy fails.

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