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    Say guys is it too much to oredr the case from the europen site? Its only 30$.
    Anyone here knows when E&B cases will have a case out?
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    E&B will only come out with a case if they receive enough emails from people like you requesting one. I got my Samsung I300 in October, there were no good cases for it, a good number of us I300 owners emailed Michelle B ( and E&B started work on the case in late November (case was released for pre-ordering in late-December). Bottom line, E&B is willing to make a case for almost any device if they receive enough emails requesting such a case. If you want them to make a case for the Treo, I suggest you email Michelle and tell all your fellow Treo owners to do the same. I do hope they come out with one, would like one for my future CDMA Treo 270k.

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    E&B are making a case for the Treo. And he promissed to let me know as soon as it goes on sale.


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