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    Im having trouble running .pqa files with the treo. when i select them, nothing happens. i never had a problem with my m505 (via infrared to phone) or my Vx w/omnisky.

    does anyone know why this may be happening?

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    Inorder to use PQA's on any Handspring device, you will need to purchase the Palm Mobile Internet Connect kit-MIK (or copy them from a device that is running PalmOS 4.x). You can usually find the MIK at Best Buy, CompUSA or Circuit City (where I bought my copy). There are about 8 files that you need to install to your TREO (on my Visor Prism with VisorPhone to use PQA's.

    I use E*Trade, Palm News, etc. pqa's and have been for almost a year. It works pretty good, the only PQA that I have found that doesn't work is PalmGear's file downloader. Sometimes PQA's are faster and easier to use than using Blazer for all web access.

    Incase you are wondering why your m505 worked fine with PQA's and the TREO does not, it's because Palm OS 4.x incorporated the ability to use PQA's within the OS on the m505 rather than requiring the purchase of the MIK. Handspring, on the other hand, chose not too. I find that odd that Handspring didn't include these files in the TREO. My Prism is running OS 3.5.2H1.5 and does not include the files you are needing for PQA's. I believe the TREO is essentially the same OS Revision.

    If you still own the m505, then you can copy the files from the m505 to the TREO legally (as far as I know, but don't take my word on that) If you don't own the m505 (or other device that contains these files, such as the Palm VII), then I would assume you aren't supposed to copy the files.

    I looked on my MIK CD for all files that you should need to copy to your TREO. Keep in mind, I don't own a TREO, nor have I tried copying them, doing so should be done at your own risk! Be sure to HotSync prior to installing the files.

    Here's the files you'll need:

    I hope this is helpful to you!
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    There are numerous posts about adding PQA files on the board do a search for PQA or PQA Files.

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