I bought a Palm Pre a in the UK a few weeks ago from the O2 Shop on the web. One morning I unpluged it after charging and the touchscreen did not work anymore. I called Palm and they guide me through a serie of options to try until they realized the machine has to be replaced. They asked me to go to an O2 store in the region and ask for a replacement. I went to the local stores where they checked it is indeed malfunctioning but and they do not want to replace it as it is not part of their stock. I contacted the O2 web shop again and they reluctanctly are taking mine back with no guarantees on what they will do afterwards. I am extremely dissapointed with both Palm for making such expensive faulty machines and with O2 for not taking responsability of their business (my phone is still withing the one month guarantee).
On another side you would have expected the Pre to improve over the Treo but it does not allow you to film video, and many apps are much more primitive (no "received receipt" for messages sent or hidding with password sensitive entries in the notepad), no offers with Navigator included (at least here in the UK). They seem to have used a Microsoft strategy favoruing appearence and sacrficing services and reliability. Not good value for money (approx 400 in my case).