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    wondering if anyone on this board is also an owner of a palm i705 or previous palm handheld.
    I'm trying to synch my treo and the palm i705 on the same computer. Tech support told me last week that both devices can not be synched via USB at the same time. Apparently the drivers conflict and they're working on a fix.

    In the meantime, i'm not entirely sure i should load Handspring's version of the palm desktop and hotsync software.

    anyone have suggestions?

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    You may be able to hotsync the Treo and your Palm i705 (why do you ahev both units???) to the same computer using Palm's version of the software.
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    I was finally able to synch both, but only via infrared which is much slower.
    Handspring techies say the USB drivers on both conflict, so i opted not to instal the drivers for the Treo.

    I loaded treo's version of the palm desktop which works fine for both.

    I'm currently trying to figure out which unit is better, but despite having two devices, they complement each other quite nicely. The Palm is always on, which the Treo is not.

    Sooner or later, I will give up the Palm, but not until Voicestream or some other service provider upgrades to GPRS always-on access.
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    Hi ,

    The PalmUSBD.sys driver file differs from the one used to drive Visor and Treo handhelds called VisorUSB.sys. This is really the only difference in the two installes of Palm Desktop. Actually the HotSync Manager software differes slightly too; the two go hand in hand. But otherwise the Palm Desktop software is very much the same.

    So the good news is that Palms version will generally work with Treo and Visors but it will be unreliable with big file transfers like from an Eyemodule or AvantGo. It times out and will not complete the HotSync. Thats why you may be better off in the long run using Handsprings version of Palm Desktop.

    Palm Desktop is the same all round for all Palm powered handhelds but it is the HotSync Manager and driver which changes. PS there are some minor changes in Palms version which include desktop features for NotePad.

    On the topic of GPRS, there is no point in signing up for iStream yet until Treo gets its update for GPRS capability. Stick with the plan which gets you access out of your voice minutes until the GPRS stuff gets released by Handspring.

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    And .... I nearly forgot:

    The Serial drivers are pretty much identical across the board. You can always sync one with a USB cradle and the other with a serial. Just make sure you install the USB software from the first manufacturers PDA and it will contain the serial code too for the other device. Serial does not rely upon USB drivers but upon the usual COM port architecture of your PC. The same goes for Infrared HotSync if you want to cut down on cables.

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