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    does anyone know what the email via sms gateway or number is for voicestream?

    also, has anyone had any luck installing ring tones. ive been able to find .pdb files and install them, but they dont show up in the ringer preference.

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    In my VisorPhone, the SMS Center number indicates: "+13343339200". When sending a message to Voicestream, I enter "444" in the "TO" section and then I can request some interesting tidbits of info. I'm sure that this will work on your NEW (No, I'm not Jealous) TREO too

    In the SMS utility, enter "444" in the To: section.
    In the body (Text) of the message, you can try any of the following codes that I got from VoiceStream, I believe.

    For instance, to find out Handspring's current stock price, enter "ST HAND" in the text and then click the Send button. In just a few seconds, you'll get the current (or last) stock quote.

    Perty cool eh? Here's some more commands that you can try...

    SMS Message Commands

    US News Headlines NW N
    Business News Headlines NW B
    International News Headlines NW G
    Sports News Headlines NW S
    Technology News Headlines NW T
    Entertainment News Headlines
    NW E

    Scores by Team (recent only) SP TEAM CODE
    Team Standings by League SP LEAGUE CODE
    Team News

    Stock Quote
    ST "Ticker Symbol"

    Lottery Results by State LOT "ST using 2 letter state abbrev.
    Joke of the Day JOK
    This Day in History HIS
    Quote of the Day QOD
    Soap Opera Updates SOAP OPERA SHOW CODE
    Celebrity Birthdays CELEB
    Daily Trivia Question & Answer

    US Weather by City WT "City,ST"
    US Weather by Zip
    WT "Zipcode"

    Flight Information
    Palm and PocketPC Development with CASL (make your own Treo apps, easily)
    CASL is here
    LibertyControl is here
    or visit WAGWARE Systems, Inc. here
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    thanks for those codes. can you post those travel ones? they got cut off.

    thanks again.

    also, i was able to get the sms / email issue resolved. you need to enter code 500 as the email gateway.


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