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    Since I updated to 1.3.1 my fully charged phone wont even last 8hrs of not even using it while I'm at work. I have the gps turned off, and my email only checks every 30 mins.
    Is anyone else having similar issues?
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    How many e-mails do you receive in a half hour? Try "as they arrive." Push e-mail saves the phone from checking but this will only save battery power if you don't get a lot of e-mails.

    Do you have Wi-Fi in the office? Try connecting and see if that helps.
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    here is the link for the GSM discussion on this

    there is a link in there which someone kindly posted which takes you to the non-GSM discussion. some solutions in the US arent applicable to the GSM.

    but needless to say Ive had the same trouble
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    If you're willing to try a dodgy patch you could try one of the CPU patches in Preware. All of them hold a risk but the 500mhz ones are the safest and both will reduce the power consumed in the phone while you are not using it.

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