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    so, my car charger didn't ship either. it's kinda messed up that they pretended they were shipping for awhile there then changed their minds. *shrug*

    i'm thinking about calling up and canceling the car charger order, then registering the treo to get $10 off my next purchase, and then re-purchasing the charger...
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    I'm waiting until after I get the Treo so I can register it and use the $10 of to help buy the car charger.

    If your original charger hasn't shipped yet, you're probably not going to lose anything by cancelling it and re-ordering with the $10 off voucher.

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    Except you'll pay $8.50 shipping on the new order (standard), whereas you've already been charged shipping on the Treo order. With the discount, you only end up saving $1.50 and probably place yourself at the end of the line to get your accessory...
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    it appears that the treo charger is a motorola power adapter. it looks very familiar and may have been provided with an older motorola phone. maybe there are third party (ie radio shack) adapters that are out already that may work with the treo?

    just a thought.

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    Haven't got my yet.
    I have an old motorola charger.
    What is the voltage/Current rating?

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