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    Like some others, I received an email from Handspring (at 5:57 this morning) titled "Your order has been shipped". Yes! So, I went straight over to to see if I could get my tracking number. No such luck. The order status did indeed say "Shipped", but the tracking tab simply had "No Information", or something like that, shown.

    So, mainly because I'm a nerd, I went back and read through the confirmation email line by line. Nothing too exciting in the "Order Details" or "Shipping Details" section, but then I came to the "Important Notice" section......

    First of all, for some strange reason, the first sentence in the "Important Notice" section says "Your order includes a VisorPhone." Strange. But that's neither here nor there. Anywhoo, I noticed that there was a 12 digit number at the bottom of the "Important Notice" section that was just sitting there all by itself. It was indented about a quarter inch in from the margin, and surrounded by about 5 blank lines both above and below. No explaination as to what the number is, nothing. Just a number sitting all by itself.

    Well, I thought that it looked a bit like a FedEx tracking number, so I pasted it into their online tracking tool.......I'll be darned if it wasn't my tracking number! At first I thought maybe it was a coincidence, but the shipping date was listed as February 21st, and the destination shown is my hometown. So, it's either a whale of a coincidence, or it is in fact my tracking number.

    It shows the shipment as originating in Indianapolis. Anyone know if HS has a distribution facility in Indy? Also, it says the ordre was sent via 2nd Day delivery. Makes me a bit mad, since I thought I was getting overnight delivery for my $11.50. Now I'll have to wait until Monday to get it.


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    Same exact case with me. Although I called HS and got my tracking #. I also called Fedex and went through the automated system which told me that my package is scheduled for delivery on Monday, Feb. 25.

    I am also not happy that I paid for o/n shipping (I ordered on the 11th early). Others who ordered on the 12th have already received theirs.
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    good work jrsites! you are a creative person. i just checked my tracking on fedex and its on transit to my office in san francisco, ca.
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    i called handspring this morning to get my tracking number and they told me that it was shipped yesterday via 2 day fedex. i then complained that i paid for overnight shipping, which they then replied, oh yeah, well its coming today. strange. anyhow, i went to to track the package and it turns out that it is listed as 2 day delivery, however, my package was listed for delivery today and it just showed up as delivered

    im in new york city, ordered the treo on 2/11 w/o service.

    so keep the faith.

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    Thanks, jrsites!

    I'm in NYC and ordered 2/11 w/o service, too, and just found out mine will be arriving by 5pm today!
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    Did you guys order your treos unactivated? I ordered w/voicestream and mine still just says "order received."
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    Arkitekt and I are in the same boat with you. See our comments under the "I Got Mine" thread. Go there and we'll keep each other posted.

    Thanks, DD.
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    I ordered on the 11th, NYC.
    Visorphone upgrade.
    I thought I paid for overnight, but they sent it 2 day.
    So I went to handspring's website. It turns out that
    their Express Shipping is 2day. They don't offer an overnight
    option. I guess we were all too excited to notice.

    In either case:
    location: NYC
    ordered: 2/11/02
    expected delivery: 2/25/02

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