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    Just saw this and found it interesting...

    We bet that Palm has new handsets in the early stages of overseas production. The rumors are that Palm will be selling to Verizon in 1H 2010, and to AT&T by 2H 2010. Palm will be making a significant marketing effort aimed at mobile carriers in the EU, Asia, South America, Caribbean, and Africa, just like the old days when they were a leader in the smartphone world.

    CES 2009 was where Palm made their splash with the Pre. CES 2010 is coming fast, the first week of January. It would be a good marketing move to again grab attention with an updated Palm Pre and Pixi, along with an expanded line of products.

    An updated Pre with more storage (16GB?) for Verizon would make sense imo...
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    ces 2010 i wanna see pre2 for sprint be released in june. verizon and at&t can have 16gb pres and pixis who cares.

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