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    My Treo 180 is in the mail and I as excited as I was yesterday, I am worried now. The reason is that I am hearing about Cingular and Handspring somehow not allowing the Treo to use Cingular's "Wireless Internet Package" but insisting that I use the "Data Connect" service at 15 cents per minute!

    So my questions is, has anyone in California yet been able to connect their Treo using the "Wireless Internet Package"? I saw that someone had done this with another phone, but how about the Treo.

    With trepidation,

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    Yes, you might. Here in SF Bay Area, just subscribe to Cingular Wireless Internet instead of PCS Data Service, you are still able to hop in their modem network to dial to an ISP. However, my ISP is Pacbell and so do not know if others will have any affect. I have been VP user with Edge for more than half a year and have never pay 15 cents/min to browse Blazer or POP mail. Though the online time is deducted from your phone plan's minute.

    One time I have a Cingular CR to give a trial switch from Wireless Internet to PCS Data Service for my account, but I have no improvement or set back in data connection so I order them to switch it back to Wireless Internet. If I happens to have poor signal, for example, next to a busy highway with not enough bandwidth, you will likely uable to make a data connection unless you keep 5-10 time of trying. However, if my signal strength is showing good, I can always get online as long as I am in my home area, and had been quite successful even to the broder between CA and AZ.

    So VP is no RIM and dialup could be sparodic with Cingular GSM network. If you are lucky like me you do not have to pay 15 cents/minute so it still worthy on the go. I do not see Tero 180 a vast improvement to justify a switch. IMHO, Blazer browsing needs color to be effective, as does memory expansion is also very improtant. And if Cingular does not offer a great plan with GPRS, any advantage on Treo will be sufficiently nullified. So as a satisfied VP owner, I am still holding out the future down the road:

    1. Treo 270k
    2. memory expansion for Treo from other developers
    3. GPRS
    4. Edge in color version
    5. GPRS VP

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    Thank you very much for your answer. I have heard the same from other users but NOT Treo users. The word is out, true or not, that Treos in CA will not work with Cingular's Wireless Internet Package.

    Well, I will just have to wait and see.

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    Good morning Stan, (I tried to reply to your message but I guess my response was too long)

    Last night I got email and web working on my Treo beautifully through the Cingular network and my ISP ( I actually work for them also (we're a ma and pa ISP based in SF).

    Anyways, I just called Cingular to verify your inquiry based on my account with them.

    The rep told me that there are two wireless packages:

    1) Wireless Internet
    2) Wireless Internet Express

    Wireless Internet deducts from your included minutes (I have nationwide 350 and 3500 night/weekends).

    Wireless Internet Express is the package that does NOT deduct from your included minutes and charges you .15 cents a minute.

    In any event, I'll know for sure when I see my bill but thought that this info can help you rest at ease. ;-)

    So, sign up for Wireless Internet.

    Good luck.

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    Thank you so much for responding! Sounds like good news. My Cingular dealer here in San rafael calls the service that is 15 cents per minute "Data Connect" is also listed this way in the Cingular Brochure that I have. So that is a little puzzling.

    Also, you mentined that you are connecting to your own ISP. I was also told that you could only do that with the "Data Connect" and with the Wireless Internet option you had to use the Cingular site.

    So Eddie what do you do to access your own ISP?

    Many thanks,

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    I have a cable modem at home. For those people that have cable or DSL access at home, rather than a dial-up ISP, does anyone know what is the best way to access the internet if Cingular is your carrier?
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    I have the same question. My DSL service (Earthlink) gives you some dial up hours too.

    Edie, in note above mine, will have to tell us how cingular works for him. Perhaps he has DSL.

    In any case my thought was that even if one could not dial ones own ISP, you should be able to get your e-mail through the ISP's website which you could access from Cingular's website.

    Keep in touch,


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