This looks promising... Matthew Tippet, ex-AMD Linux guru joins Palm - Bright Side Of News*

Linux community knows Matthew Tippet for years, since he was one of big pushers for ATI Linux drivers and put a lot of personal and professional effort in improving functionality of ATI hardware on Linux operating system. Also, Matthew was one of co-founders of Phoronix Test Suite, probably the best test suite for Linux operating system out there.

Unfortunately, we only got to meet Matthew in person on ATI Evergreen series launch, held on USS Hornet, showing one of most impressive demos at the event - the 24 LCD, 55 million pixel display setup running X-Plane from Laminar research. The only way to showcase the perspective-corrected 55 million pixel display was by using Linux operating system and four upcoming ATI Radeon HD 5870 2GB Eyefinity6 Limited Edition graphics cards.

Five weeks later, we learned that Matthew left AMD and temporarily joined Phoronix on further development of their test suite - but we knew that this brilliant engineer is already snapped by a larger company. Recently, Matthew updated his LinkedIn profile and revealed that his new job is Director for Kernel Management at Palm Inc. The move is not only between the companies but Matthew is also becoming a Silicon Valley resident as he moves from Toronto in Canada to Sunnyvale in California.

In my personal view, Palm scored a major gain for further development of their operating systems.