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    so this is my 3rd pre due to speakers blown, other then that, I don't really have any issues.

    but now this pre I have is only charging to 95%? On the cord, and touchtone, figured I'd ask here before I go into the store, anyone had this?
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    Mine has done that a few times now (I've had it about a month). I have no explanation for you, though. It's not EVERY morning, but about 5 in the past month that it stopped charging at 95% after sitting on the charger all night as I slept.

    If it's true that the 1.3.1 update "reset" some "training data" in the Pre's config for knowning about battery life and such, I'd like to know where that is and see it (or wipe it out so I can "retrain" my Pre...).

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    do a search for "battery drain" and go wild.

    i remember something in thread about this once before. has to do with the charge actually getting to 100% and then its stops charging till 95% and cycles.

    bet if you plug you pre into a computer to charge, it'll go past the 95% mark as its a slower trickle charge.

    but do a search. you'll find alot more info.
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    do you have the patch "show actual battery percent" ??
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    like shadavis said, i had this problem when i had the patch show actual battery percent, mine would go to 98% on some nights and others 95
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