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    Up until last week, I had a launch Pre. We've been through a lot together. I dropped it countless times on concrete, especially having the phone on my lap while getting out the car.

    It survive hardships with with me, but the power button recently got stuck and would not depress. Long story short, lotion killed my Pre's power button and I had to get another one.

    Sprint provide me with a new pre and I noticed a few things.

    1. The battery life is 100% better
    2. It doesn't seem as fast as my first Pre.

    My question is has anyone seen a difference in performance and battery life between their first Pre and their replaced Pre?

    I know I'm not crazy, or a placebo effect.

    Before my Pre died, I had installed 1.3.1 and still had the abysmal battery life. I used Quick system task to reduce screen brightness, turn off data, and bluetooth. I have the Seido 1350 extended battery and it would last at most 9 hours @ work. (Thick walls since I work in hospital with iffy reception.

    On the Pre I have now, have 1.3.1 installed. Don't use Quick system task, leave data turned on with bluetooth on. Same battery. Talk and check email at work. Goto work with 80% battery and leave work with 30% (work 11 hours).

    Any thoughts as to why this might be?

    (note, most of the same apps from the first Pre were installed on this one.)
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    I hardly doubt that the hardware from launch and the release is really different. most likely either software, or just a crappy phone. Like how some phones have better reception etc etc.
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    Guess that is possible, but the battery usage is like night and day. The speed at which the phone response is a bit sluggish. It was snappier before. Both phones had the same version of WebOS 1.3.1

    Just seems odd to see that big of a difference
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    I received a replacement battery months ago from Palm, and that has had consistently better life. No difference in style or model, just better.

    So, I guess, anything is possible. Have you applied any patches to your new Pre?
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    I have the same patches minus the keyboard. Only patch I have is the LED notifications.

    Same battery and everything.

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