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    I got confirmation that VS had approved my plan about 3 days ago. When I check the status, it still says "Preparing Order". I just called Customer Service and they claim that they are still waiting on SIM cards from VS and Cingular. They said they don't expect shipment until next week.
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    The only good thing about this overly long wait is being able to watch others work through problems with their new treos. I've learned so much already and I'm very thankful for those who have posted their solutions to the many issues that have come up. Although I wish I had my treo in hand, I'll be that much further ahead when I finally get it.
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    I received an e-mail this morning that my Treo and accessories have shipped! They sent it overnight via Airborne (delivery by noon on the next business day). Looks like it will arrive on Monday and make the 3 week promise - way to make the extra effort, HS!
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    I haven't received that email yet but I'm sure it won't be far behind for the rest of us VS customers!. Good News.
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    I'm still at "preparing Order", and further calls to HS has yielded no information. Where before I was told that I was at the top of the list, they now say that they are shipping in order and won't tell me where I am on the list, or when it will ship. To make things worse, they charged my credit card the full amount last weekend.

    Sorry, but from my point of view, HS has dropped the ball. I am considering canceling the order. My early enthusiasm has diminished based on the delay, and reports of irritating little bugs by users that have recieved their Treo.

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    Mark, have you checked with VS to see if they have you in their system yet? Judging by the date you ordered and the fact that they do seem to have started shipping VS orders - I would hope you'd be seeing a "shipped" email tomorrow. Don't give up yet! VS are the slow-pokes.
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    i think all of us who have posts in this thread can understand each others frustrations however we all realize the potential of the treo and feel that we could benefit from having such a product. the treo will be worth all the trouble we've had to go through.

    hs must ship us our units since our ccards have been charged. worst case ... if the treo doesn't live up to our expectations return the product for a refund.
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    Hi, first post for me here.

    Was thinking bout getting a visor for a year or so but when i heard the rumours of the Treo i decided to wait.

    Got my Treo (180g) on the 22nd and i think its great.
    Ordered a pouch for it but it seems to be out of stock so a couple of weeks until i get that.

    Im new to Palm OS so if you got any tips for that 'must have' software please advice. I would like to get a mailprogram with the possibility to send attachments and a word, excel program.

    Ive had a look at Quickoffice and DocumentsToGo but cant decide.
    Anyone used the DocumentsToGo mail application?

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    I use DTG with my Platinum and use the DataViz Mail application. The mail application isn't that different from the built in Mail application that comes with Palm OS devices other than it will convert email attachments (Word, Excel, PDF) into DTG files so you can view them on your handheld. In other words, this application allows you to synch the email, with attachments, that is on your desktop to your handheld. It does not allow you to go on-line (either through a modem or your Treo) and get your email. For that you need a program like One-Touch, Eudora, or MultiMail Pro. Of these, only MultiMail Pro allows you to view attachments. Hope that this helps.
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