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    Just got mine by FedEX at 3:45 PM Eastern time. Now comes the learing curve for me and switch from the PocketPC to the Palm OS. I am very excited though about the Treo which really tipped the scales for me.

    I did not get the car charger nor the case or extra styli I ordered. Here's hoping that the come in soon.

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    Just came in via Fedex at about 12:30 PST (I'm in SoCal). Ordered it 1st day of availability and the website finally changed today.

    No case or car charger yet - spoke to Handspring and they said they're on backorder.

    Its charging now, the size is fantastic. Reading thru the manual and you can do EVERYTHING via the keyboard, very fast and has a great tactile feel. I got to check one out at Comdex but having your own is much better.

    So far of the less than 10 people in our office, at least 2 are going to order them and they haven't even tried it yet...the FORM FACTOR IS GREAT!

    Will post more after its charged and I've tried it.
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    I'm in the hizzzouse!

    Ordered on 11th.
    Recevied today (22nd).
    Location: SF, Cali
    Carrier: Cingular

    Missing: phone number info from Cingular.
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    i received mine on thursday and received an e mail today telling me it was shipped.
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    ddensen ... i ordered mine on 2/10 @ 10:02p and my order status still shows "order received". im assuming that voicestream (dallas) won't actually ship until monday. i figure i should get mine by end of next week ... keeping my fingers crossed ;-)
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    Although my Treo was shipped '2nd day'. It in fact arrived overnight - in Princeton NJ from Indiana (which must be where the factory is.

    Very happy with it. Only issue is with Voicestream. I seem unable to configure SMS so that it will send to email addresses. Voicestream and HS said use SMS center number +1 206 313 0004 and Email center 500. SMS text messages go fine to another phone, but do NOT go to email recipients. Haven't figure out why. Used to work on my old phone. Any ideas??
    Basically seems like a very good unit.

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    Thanks for the info Arkitekt. You ordered about 12 hours ahead of me. Let me know when you get updated info. This should be a good test of HS's 2/25 committment to ship VS activated Treos.
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    I think I have it figured out - my SMS issues were not with Treo or Voicestream, but with me. IE: what sms messaging is and isn't.
    First you can send text messages between 2 phones so equipped. Second you can send from your phone to a provider based email address ( or, and third, you can send from regular email to your treo using the kind of address in #2.

    What you cannot do is send from the Treo to an regular internet address. For that you need internet access. (I think - checking it out.)

    Has anyone already set up wireless internet acces on a Treo - with which ISP?

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    crownprince -

    i have a visorphone on VS - you're SMS Message Center # and SMS E-Mail Center # are correct above - to send an SMS to any email address, send to the "SMS E-Mail Center" and use the following format for your text message:

    Short form: text message here

    Long form:,, subject goes here# text message here

    (underlines added by the discussion board, ignore)

    I keep a memo with the above formats in my visor for reference ...

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    "What you cannot do is send from the Treo to an regular internet address. For that you need internet access. (I think - checking it out.)"

    This is not true - you can send to an email address with the Treo without an Internet Connection. You need to set up your SMS email center number to 500 (assuming you have voicestream) - that is located in sms/options/preferences to 500. Then you can just enter email addresses in the "to" line and the Treo takes care of all the monkey business that the previous Visorphone user describes. Just another reason to get the Treo!

    I have my Treo set up for Internet Access using voicestream and the dialup ISP that I use for travel, US Internet. Works fine. Let me know if you have questions. Setup was not as automatic as Handspring led me to believe...
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    Thanks AndyHN.

    I was not aware that you could do that with the VS. I just tried it on my VS and it worked fine.......That's why I like VC..... so much useful information here....................

    That's right I'm Bad!!!!!!
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    Andy and Krue and others,

    first let me apologise for not getting my SMS setting correct the first time. Thanks to those who responded to help out.

    It turns out that without changing anything other than entering the email addresses anew, I can now send sms mail to internet addresses. I don't know what was wrong. I did not fat finger the addresses, and nothing has bounced back.


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    I can't believe it, but i ordered on 2/20 and just received mine last night. I didn't get the email from handspring until this morning.
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    I ordered on 2/11 and got the shipping confirmation today (2/23). When I called the other day, I was told that those ordereing with activation were taking longer.

    But, my car adaptor and second USB are backordered (even though I ordered early).

    I'll be on Cingular in East Tennessee and should receive my Treo on Monday.

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    Well my order status had finally advanced to "Pending." It's got a long way to go to "Shipped" but it would be really nice if they kept to their promise and did so today. We'll see!
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    ddenson ... i checked my order status at noon and it has been updated to "pending" ... maybe they will have it shipped end of today.
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    Mine has updated to pending as well. We'll see what happens. I tried checking status this morning by calling VoiceStream to see if they had my name in their system yet, but they said no. That could mean another week's wait, but hopefully I'm wrong...
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    To add to the data set so others know what to expect:

    I ordered on the 11th, and got an email last wednesday (the 20th) saying it shipped. The tracking info didn't show up until this morning. I ordered standard shipping - the carrier is UPS. It should show up today. I'm in Northern California.

    BTW, I ordered a 180g - I decided to stick with what I'm used to (graffiti), since the keyboard on my pager is already small enough. I'll let you know what it's like.

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    Just received the "Order Confirmation" e-mail from HS. A good sign, I suppose...
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    I finally received mine today (ordered 2/11).

    It is awesome!

    I am having trouble with my first hotsync, however, it is telling me that my pst file in Outlook is not accessible. It successfully synched Tasks and Notes, but did not sync Contacts or Calendar.

    Anyone else have this problem?
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