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    Still says "Preparing handheld" from

    I upgraded from a VisorPhone, and I just popped my SIM card from there into the Treo, charged it up, Hot-synced, and was ready to go.

    It's bluer than I thought.
    Keyboard is pretty usable.
    I like the phonebook and SMS screens much more than before.
    Reception appears to be no better or worse than the VP.

    Seems like a good sturdy product.
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    just got home from work and surprise my treo, less then 2 weeks as promised. It looks awesome and it is smaller then it looked on the website but to me smaller is better. The prism visorphone was bulky this is nice not to big not to small best of all ITS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!

    Handspring does it again,

    start buying HAND stock its going up big when this starts selling at the retail stores nothing out there like this. remember how the startac's sold when they came out!
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    I'm glad to see people are getting the Treo.

    Enough of telling us "you got it!"
    How do you like it?

    Was it worth it?

    We'd all like to know!

    Million Dollar Bills, anyone?

    <a href=""></a>
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    I ordered my Treo without activation at 3am on the 11th. I am in NJ. I see people in Eastern PA have gotten theirs. I hope mine comes tonight or tomorrow. You all sound cool about it.
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    This is kinda starting to remind me of the buzz when people started to get their first visors. Will a serial number thread be next?
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    i ordered mine the morning of the 11th with express shipping and no service and still havent received mine. im in nyc. i called customer support and they said "my order has been passed on to the warehouse." but she did also say that they got "some" units in and they sent them out.

    still waiting.

    can someone post some feedback on the keyboard. can anyone make some comparisons to the blackberry keyboard (857/957)

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    I have a rimm 950 if I had to estimate it looks like the keyboard and keys are 2/3 of the size on the treo.The # keys are in the traditional keypad grouping unlike the blackberry. The tactile feel is very nice and I am a big guy(6' 2" 275+ lbs) with very big hands, Two thumb typing is no problem. The phones sound quality seems even better then my visorphone and the unit has a nice SOLID feel(unlike my first startac phone which cost alot more). The screen is small, but not to small and the resolution is crisp. The jog wheel is a nice addition too. My first impression is WOW this could put handspring on the map (phone wise) I can't wait till the am to show it to everyone at my company (it will amaze everyone it is awesome). setup was a snap! tested all functions.... flawless! The color of unit is nicer then prism and it seems to be solid not painted but time will tell....

    still waiting on case and car charger, but I am not complaining Handspring has come thru for loyal users again!!


    Also in NYC area
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    I got mine too and my service is with voicestream in dallas. With my visorphone I was able to browse the internet using voicestream isdn but now with the treo I'm not able to do it.
    I tried changing the INIT STRING as I had it in my VP but no luck so far. Have any one of you try to connect to voicestrem isdn with the treo?

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    thanks for the RIM comparison..once the push email is available on the treo, i cant wait to toss my RIM away. how is the speakerphone?

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    This morning I received an Email from HS saying my Treo had shipped. No shipping info yet. I do not know whether this means it just shipped, or that data procerssing was finally catching up with order status entry! Anyway I am anxiously awaiting.
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    i also received an email this morning. lets hope they went out last night! i have no shipping details either.

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    I was hesitating placing my order because my research on the web indicated voicestream orders (the carrier in my area - boston - were not going to ship until the 25th). I placed my order on the 20th, hoping they would at least process everything and then be ready to ship Monday. Stupid me! The customer service person I spoke with(on the 21st) said they have more orders than they can handle and that everything is taking longer than they expected - no kidding!
    She said I should expect my order to ship in two weeks.

    -She who hesitates gets their treo much later!-
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    I haven't actually got mine in hand yet but I received the following e-mail this AM.

    Thank you for shopping with Handspring!

    We're pleased to let you know that your order has been shipped. We appreciate your business and hope you visit our site again soon to see the latest Handspring products.

    The details of your order follow:


    Your order number is: 020211-16925


    The following items HAVE BEEN SHIPPED to date:

    Treo 180 with USB cable (without service plan)
    (1025NA ) 1 @ $ 549.00

    Item SubTotal: $ 549.00
    Shipping and Handling: $ 13.00
    Tax*: $ 32.94
    Duty**: $ 0.00
    Total Charged to Date: $ 594.94

    The following items are STILL OUTSTANDING on your order:

    Treo Car Lighter Adapter
    (3125WW ) 1 @ $ 29.99

    Item SubTotal: $ 29.99
    Shipping and Handling: $ 0.00
    Tax*: $ 1.80
    Duty**: $ 0.00
    Total to be charged on Outstanding Items: $ 31.79

    Here's hoping it will arrive today.
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    I received the same message.

    Called HS to get the tracking # (it wasn't on the website) and just checked Fedex. It shows 2ND DAY SERVICE!!!! I paid for o/n shipping!!! Further it says it "left ramp in Indianapolis at 0:57.

    I hope it arrives today.
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    I ordered mine on the 18th with express shipping, and received the same e-mail early this morning. I ordered the 180 with the VP discount.
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    I ordered my Treo on the morning of February 11th and I have yet to get an email or anything...but then again I am in Canada...maybe that has something to do with iit
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    The good news:

    I'm in NYC, ordered the morning of 2/11, got an e-mail today saying my Treo 280 shipped.

    The bad news:

    My serial cable is now backordered. Did anyone else here order the serial cable? Has anyone gotten it yet?
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    O joia inesprimibile! (or something like that)

    Like others I got the Email today with no shipping data. I called HS and they gave me the Fedex number over the phone.

    Checked the Fedex web site and it is on the truck for delivery today!

    Suggest you do the same.

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    Has anyone received a Treo ordered with new VoiceStream service? (Not an upgrade, etc.). I ordered mine on 2/11 and my status still reads "Order Received".
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    Originally posted by thesmith
    The phones sound quality seems even better then my visorphone
    "Even better than the Visorphone?!?!?!" Could it be any WORSE?

    I was one of the early purchasers of the Visorphone and, quite frankly, have been less than satisfied with the quality of the phone.

    One of the reasons I have not already purchased the Treo is that I was waiting to see reviews on its phone quality. Do any of the people who have received their Treos have any feedback on the Treo's phone quality.
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