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    Ive been able to sync my pre with itunes until recently, I think after I downloaded the latest version of itunes. Itunes no longer recognizes the pre when connected so now I cant delete pics or songs much less add them. Is this a permanent issue and if so is there a way to get the older version of itunes so i can fix my problem? thanks.....
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    there are ways of obtaining older versions of itunes but I dont have the link sorry. I cant see this being resolved easily as its an ongoing battle between apple and palm and its likely palm will lose so I would consider either sticking with an older version of itunes or changing to something different entirely.
    Personally I like songbird, its interface is very similar to itunes and it works well with the pre
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    It seems you are unfamiliar with the history of the problem you are now facing. To put it simply, Palm hacked iTunes to allow the Pre to sync with it. The hack was unauthorized by Apple and violated the USB-IF rules. Palm did this and advertised it as a feature of the Pre. After a couple of rounds of Apple blocking the hack and Palm re-hacking, Palm has yet to make another move. It does not mean that they won't as soon as they figure out how to do it. It just means that even if the feature is reenabled, it will still be an unofficial hack, subject to be blocked yet again.

    It was never a real feature and you should learn the joys of drag and drop. Sorry to bring all this up again, but it was always going to be people like you who were bound to get hurt in this stupid battle.
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    thank you. im definitely new to all this and had no idea. thanks again for the info.
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    I think the web site is or something like that. Just install 9.0.1xx and you'll be fine. I don't update itunes anymore and my Pre syncs great.
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    iTunes is probably pretty upset with palm lol
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    Thank you so much!!! I will take your advice and skip over future updates.

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