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    as thin or as close as the pixi
    as long as the iphone
    the screen being bigger then the iphone
    evdo rev a and wifi
    fm radio would be nice
    have special apps in phone like office or something professional thats not included in todays phones and not available in the apps store
    the back cover can be touch stone compliant but i feel what would be a nice add on would be a solar panel for charging on the go
    stereo speakerphone
    4 or 5mp camera with possible webcamera would be nice
    no keyboard, only touch screen with touch keyboard that rotates with the users preference on keyboard layout whether landscape or portrait mode
    a special app store custom made for the pro series that include apps a business user would need or use, all for free or low cost because of high purchase price of the pro series covers cost on the apps

    the name of the phone would be Palm Pro series phones whether XL or NRG(for solar panel). not related with the palm treo pro because they are related with the treo. the palm pro series includes apps that normally arent sold in app catalog and could include features a business user looks for like remote access to computer, long battery life, and the ability of getting things DONE.
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    noone commenting? i think its genious!
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    You described a future iphone.

    Those are nice features but a physical keyboard is so much better than that touch crap.
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    Have to agree with damarble on that one
    -The tech protege
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    i also have to agree, IF palm does release more than one device at ces this year a full touch screen model would only be cool if they opened up the bluetooth capabilities to allow a bluetooth folding keyboard..... like they used to sell!

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