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    I actually like the vertical slider. What's great about it, is the Pre is still very, very thin.

    I'd keep the current design, and widen the screen up to about 3.6"

    This would allow the keyboard to be spaced out a tad more as well, making the kb more useable.

    In my humble opinion, the problem with the Pre is that the screen isn't quite big enough to make on screen actions the primary interface, and the kb is a tad too small to allow the full kb experience.
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    Good mockups, but please god don't subject me to horizontal keyboards!!!
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    Good Suggestions
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    Quote Originally Posted by UF15 View Post
    2. I haven't ever installed the virtual keyboard hack, but what happens when you get a notification? That would seem like a major issue.
    Well the whole point about WebOS is that it can resize I think the keyboard would just be pushed up and the notification would appear below. It's the only way to work around it. I don't like the idea of notifications appearing from the top.
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    I would not have a slide-out keyboard. A portrait/landscape virtual keyboard would be best. You can actually get used to typing on one!
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    HELL YEAH!!! That could be the greatest device, not just cell phone, ever!
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    n900ish with a hint of droid i like it
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    absolutely!!! Just what I would love! I've been dreaming about larger screen sizes that would help in browsing etc. With the current screen size you have to hold up the phone or zoom in to read text. This would rock!
    though I do love the vertical slider, don't know if a larger phone with a vertical slider would be weird.
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    the vertical slider has it's pluses, but browsing the web and gaming is better in landscape mode, rendering the vertical keyboard useless...
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    The space bar on the right is a good idea. It might take a little time to get used to that, but it saved 25% of the keypad real estate due to the elimination of 4th row. The keys can be made bigger.
    Did you copy the keypad layout from other phone?
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    I would simply love to see a phone with a 4 inch screen and a virtual keyboard. I love the size of the droid and the iPhone. I have the OS on both. WebOS is the best operating system hands down. The hardware can use some work.
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    Nice mockups. I'm just surprised that you do not show a Blackberry Bold style candybar format. That is what I want. Take the Pixi and make everything about 25% larger.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mr2dxtream View Post
    just give me a larger pixi with the pre screen and wifi and im a happy camper
    I'd like one of those too!
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    I love this form factor! This would be a great phone. I would trade in my Pre any day for this running webos.
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    why worry about virtual keyboards? Get text-to-speech like android, keep Pre form factor, add solidness (Read: metal body), maybe a bit bigger size, SD card slot...WINNER!!! I'd pony up for that in a heartbeat (contract be damned!)!!!
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    Give me a HD2 with WebOS and I'm sold. It has such a great screen.
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    If palm should make a third form factor,that's fine by me but don't change the PRE'S perfect pocket smartphone form factor. Higher res. screen, IMPROVED DURABILITY, improved battery, top of the line CPU and GPU(1GHZ CPU/1 GIG ram........dreaming), micro SD, and just keep developing webOS. That's all the next pre should be. I agree a big touch screen is nice but that is not the PRE. A Third webOS handheld is fine, just don't change that nice polished pebble and make me wear it on the hip. P.S. Love PRE CENTRAL!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I would like some new high quality hardware that can rival that of Apple and Motorola.

    I'm a little worried though that the next Sprint webOS phones will be the same ones Verizon got. Just the Pre plus and Pixi plus : /
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    this is a perfect mock up.

    call it the new palm treo + throw in a tegra 2 and it would be epic.
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    now if only palm would use TI's OMAP4 in the next version of the pre: TI's OMAP4 prototype drives three independent displays without breaking a sweat -- Engadget

    webos on a dual-core 1ghz chip would be glorious
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