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    Handspring has directly put up a bunch of non-activated treo 180's for auction on eBay.

    Now, most still have the "Buy It Now" option on for the same price as via the website.

    What confuses me is this: what eBay winner is going to accept the amorphous "1-3 weeks" shipping time for one of these auctioned treos? the auction page itself makes NO mention of a shipping delay. I would think this would lead to severe negative feedback for handspring! Nevermind the fact that those of us that ordered directly through the site are getting mighty impatient. I personally am annoyed that on the HS website in big red letters it proclaims that the treo is "Now Shipping", when in actuality they are "Now Accepting Orders".

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    yeah, i would avoid the ebay handspring like the plague. they did the same thing with the VP. put them up for auction when they were on back order.

    i tried to buy a phone from them a while ago as it said "yes, will ship to canada." i even emailed the rep for confirmation and she said "sure". so i order and she tells me "oops, nope. can't ship to canada."

    i say whatever and buy one from someone else. two months later the same rep reports me to ebay as a non-paying bidder. *****.

    fortunately i kept all my emails from her and emailed them to ebay who promptly removed the NPB status.

    so, yeah, the ebay person has no clue what she's doing. run away.


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