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    The Palm Pre is setting us up for a technology revolution.

    Essentially what I will be discussing is how the Palm Pre and it's Synergy feature could be used along with Facebook to create a sort of public directory that is available on any phone with Internet access sort of like DNS is available to any computer with Internet.

    If Facebook created an option to allow people with your name to see your phone number they could essentially make that public, and anybody with a Facebook account would be able to login to their Facebook account on their cell phone similar to how people on the Palm Pre do now. They would enter their account info in the preferences options of contacts and it would pull all of their friend's into their contacts app and if their friend had posted a phone number it would be added, if they had posted a picture the phone would use that for the contacts picture.

    Well What if this technology was on every phone? What if Facebook made an option to be part of the public listing, sort of like a phone book style digital database except it would be user maintained because each person would control their own phone number on their profile. This would essentially mean all you would have to do is type someone's name and your phone would look up that name on Facebook, first checking your friends, then using GPS to locate you and check local listings, compare your schools to seek out the correct "John Smith" It would need a pretty strong artificial Intelligence, but Facebook's suggestions are pretty accurate already so maybe that technology could be used?

    Like I said it would essentially be like DNS for people, Your phone would be like your computer, the contacts app would be like your browser, Facebook is the DNS server, it finds the person's phone number (ip address) if you type their name (URL) Get what I'm saying? Of course you could remove Yourself from the public directory at any time.

    I think this would be a pretty cool technology. What do you think?
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    Sounds to me like a security issue...

    I do not want my cell phone to be public knowledge from Facebook. My information should only be shown to my friends.

    There are going to be a lot of people who feel that way.

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    That's why I mentioned it should be opt-in only.
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    Well the reason I mention that is not to be a naysayer, but in order for your idea to work, the vast majority of people would have to opt in, otherwise it won't reach critical mass.

    I would imagine that most people would opt-out which means the tech would stay on the ground.

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    I see... also it would be possible to make it be automatically added unless you opt-out. Maybe give people a few months to opt-out before it goes into effect then once it does go into effect people are able to opt out whenever they want.

    The key would be to make sure people knew how to opt-out if they wanted to.

    Remember when people used to be scared to put ANY personal info on the Internet? Things change over time and I think eventually we may see something similar to this. Can the technology do it? Yes. But it is just a matter of getting people to accept it and use it.

    Given enough time and advertising this may catch on. It would most likely catch on with the younger teen generation right away and then get more popular just like sites such as Facebook did.
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    where is the money going to come from? who is going to fund all of this technology, your talking about hosting a ton of data and supporting a heap of bandwidth for all of those phones connecting to servers.
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    Didn't give it much thought. This was just an idea I had one day I just wanted to start some discussion about it and see what people thought.

    I would guess money could come from companies paying money to make their listings come first when a user is searching for a business. Sort of like a virtual yellow pages as well as a virtual white pages which would not have ads. Like I said I haven't given it much thought. It was just an idea.

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