I bought my Pre the first week it was released and so far I love it but I have noticed an intermittent problem that I wanted to share.
I have my wife and kids set to speed dial by holding down the on screen buttons 2 through 5 and it usually works just fine. I have noticed sometimes when holding down any of those keys that it won't speed dial but it will just register the key I am holding down as if I was dialing a number. For example if I hold down the #2 key on the keyboard instead of calling my wife, a #2 will be displayed. I end up having to dial the phone number manually.
This week I found a clue to what may be causing this.
My Pre is blue tooth linked to my Garmin Nuvi 780 GPS and really works nicely (address book and all) and when the problem occurred, after several attempts I decided to try shutting phone off and restarting in an effort to troubleshoot this problem but no good as it still would not speed dial. I then turned off blue tooth on my Pre and voila! it worked perfectly.
Now I have to say this is intermittent even when blue tooth is turned on.
I am pretty certain there is a connection with this speed dialing issue and blue tooth.