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    you know what i think would look nice, a flip phone palm webos like the pearl flip or the i920 but with full keyboard. sorta like lg lotus except not as ugly looking
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    Quote Originally Posted by meyerweb View Post
    Palm's major differentiating factor is touch screen + keyboard. Why would they give that up? And why in God's name would they make a device with a non-replaceable battery? That's the one thing nearly everyone despises about the iPhone.

    But the real issue has nothing to do with form factor. Palm needs to get the software fixed, fast. Still too many bugs, too few features, too limited cusomizability, and way, way too few apps. Making a clone of the iPhone with all the problems the Pre has would just point out all the more how weak WebOS is, today.
    Why would they give that up? They wouldn't give it up. Keep the Pre coming. Get a Pixi Pro out. But get a slab out as well.

    Forget the battery. I only threw that in because i want a solid device, not a creaky one. If Palm ever showed the ability to design a battery cover that doesn't do this, it wouldn't be an issue.

    Making a clone of the iphone? Once again, apple didn't patent that form factor. If RIM and everyone else can do it, then so can Palm. Why single out Palm? No iphone form factor for you Palm. YOU are different. Everyone else can, but not YOU. That's just stupid.

    I'm not denying the software needs work. would a bigger high res glass screen point out how weak webOS is? Let's go with flimsy plastic sliders with plastic prone to scratches screens..that'll hide webOS's problems better. Huh?

    Let's do a Pixi then with no wifi, weak processor, crap camera, and low res screen. That will be perfect for a webOS with problems. Huh?

    Palm is a hardware company. It makes money by selling hardware devices. People go to stores and see hardware. People switch because of hardware. The OS is great, it does need improvement, constant improvement, but a portrait slider with inherent problems and low durability + a horrible decision called the Pixi is Palm's biggest problem.
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