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    I don't care how young WebOS is. I care what a SmartPhone can do. When I spend my money, I need something that works today. I can't afford to spend money on something that *might* work next year, or the year after.

    And the typical buyer cares even less. They're going to compare the Pre to the Hero, the Droid, the iPhone, and make their decision based on what the phones offer right this minute.

    In some ways, the Pre is better than those competitors. But in many ways it's severely lacking. If Palm doesn't catch up in many of those ways pretty soon, there won't be a Palm discuss two years from now.

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    I, If I were to switch to V I would choose the S2 over any Android phone on the market. HTCs hardware sucks beyond belief
    I seriously doubt you've ever seen, much less touched, a Hero. The hardware is so much more solid than the Pre it's not funny. The Pre seems like a cheap toy in comparison to the Hero.
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    a coworker just bought a lg phone,, much like the wifes dream she is totally lost with all the damn apps. cant get it to do basic things. it grinds to a halt between app pages, freezes, she reboots,, another coworker,, just had his dam bb keyboard die. 2 months after the warranty ran out.. he can get it fixed 2-3 months or he can get a new one,, 400 bucks.. a hunting partner bought the new iphone,, put it in his pocket,, pulled it out about an hour later and the screen was cracked from bottom left to top right,, rogers told him he dropped it,,, is the pre perfect hell no... to those that complain about the pre, go back to your iphones or bbs or or or.. this is a new product, your complaints may be valid in a year, not 6 months out of the gate.
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