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    I like the mock ups. And a pre screen set sideways with a pixi like keyboard would certainly do the trick

    +1 from me
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    I sort of like the pre like it is being a slider.but if the new pre's screen is bigger,then more power to them.but it's still looks like a pixi to me,not much of a change.They would have to do a little better then that.
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    I would take that phone--pre/pixi hybrid--in a second.
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    I'd do that mockup one better. (although I like it as is - putting a treo 650-755 keyboard onboard with a pre screen is a winner.)

    Get rid of the gesture area and simply extend the screen to a few millimeters immediately above the "qwerty" row of keys...

    1) Better, tougher, more comfortable keyboard

    2) gorgeous, even more expansive screen which would rival the droid's resolution and real estate.
    3) Use hardware comparable to the droid - tough, professional, metallic aluminum body.

    4) Add a bigger battery that will get you a healthy 8 hrs of talk time and folks....

    you've got yourselves a frickin winner......

    I'd be back on board if they did this.... but as it stands now, I am no longer a palm fan. Too many weaknesses on the pre.

    PUMP it out, palm.
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    don't quit think they could get rid of the gesture area, its pretty important to webos
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    I'd like to see true haptic feedback, I think it would make the gaming experience awesome, make controlling easier. And option virtual keyboard which would benefit as well.
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    yeah buddy! The treo pro got taken down from palm, it's out of production. Now lets see what palm anounces to steal the thunder from apple!
    Palm prē-ist.
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    yeah I can not get over the lenovo lephone thing. I thought I wanted a preo. I don't, I want a hd2 running webos with a bluetooth removable keyboard. That would be so fwording sick. If I liked andriod that would be the phone I would be feinding over, not the n1
    Palm prē-ist.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zerty55 View Post
    What about this keyboard for a landscape slider? I'm a fan of bigger keys. Apple is too given that they will be selling a full keyboard as an accessory for the iPad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NickDG View Post
    I made a quick Mockup of what I think the next webOS phone will be. Mainly targeted at the business users, with all the guts and glory from the Pre, but in a more Treo like form factor. The mockup is basically a Treo Pro with a slightly enlarged Pixi screen (same resolution) and all buttons removed and replaced by a gesture area.

    Release this puppy at a good price point and give the blackberry Tour/Bold/Curve a run for their money.

    Not really sure what they will call it. The Treo name holds a lot of marketing power, but I have a feeling it will be another "P" name.

    I made a similar mockup of what I though the Pixi was going to look like and I was pretty close.
    I love it!!! I gotta have the treo keyboard if I'm going to upgrade from the 755. this would do it.

    It would be nice to have a 5-way nav pad too to keep onehandedness going.

    Need much better PIM apps than the current pre too as well as a better battery life. Get rid of lag and bugs.

    If they do that, I am in line.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MaxLOL View Post
    damnit i was going to say preo!
    me to...

    Although i think that's a great device that should get released, it shouldn't be their next one, and it should have a faster cpu than the pre. I think the next webos deivce will feature a bigger touch screen, be either a slider, or full touch screen, and have a faster cpu...
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    I see them going after the Nexus 1- iphone is just outdated no matter how they improve it- N1 is the new form factor to beat- if they could only clean up the OS...
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