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    I just received 3 Google Voice account invites please PM me if you want one.
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    your the best, thanks
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    Thank you Thank You!!!!
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    All gone!
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    I've got 3 invites as well to donate.
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    Should we make this thread organized? If you request an invite & receive one, you should edit your original post with something like "Invite Received. Thanks!". So the sender can give theirs to someone who hasn't gotten one.

    In any case, I have 3 to send out.
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    Syphon - see PM. Thanks!
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    syphon, also see pm. thanks to the palm pre community here, it makes any oreo twist well worth it
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    I have 1 to give out. First PM gets it!
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    lastdetailwd see pm please
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    I dont have any invites left. If I get any more, I will let you guys know.
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    Very cool... now anyone have a spare Google Wave invite? *cough*
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    I've got a Google Voice invite left. PM me, and its yours!
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    can someone pm me with an invite if you've got one? Thanks: :-)
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    why dont people just sign up for one I have about 10 of them they are easy to get...
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    I have applied and applied with no luck can some one please get me one. PM me please
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    I have one invite to give away
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    I got a google voice number a few weeks back. Where are you guys finding these invites at?
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    I have signed up a couple time and I keep waiting. To those of you who got the invites - AWESOME!!!

    Oh and if anybody wanted to PM me one, that would be super cool!
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    EDIT -- all invites gone.
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