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    My name is Gabriel. I have been a customer with sprint for more then 10 years. I currently have 4 phones on my account 2 of which are palm pre's and 1 is a Samsung Instinct all phones have insurance at the full $7 month . I also have an airave.

    On Friday Oct 16 I noticed that my Palm Pre was not charging its battery when plugged into a wall outlet, it also got extremely hot and when replaced with a full battery consumed power at a much greater rate then usual.
    In trying to diagnose the issue I proceeded to swap out the battery from my Palm Pre with the other Pre that i have. The second Pre had no problem taking a charge from the wall nor did it consume any more power then usual.

    I went to the Sprint store on 80 E Colorado Blvd in Pasadena Ca. On that same Friday. After an hour of waiting I was instructed by the staff that it was a battery problem and that all I needed was a new battery.
    I proceeded to work and when there I put the phone to charge, I again noticed that it got very hot and did not charge. I was forced to swap the battery from the one working Pre with my defective Pre all day, as my phone would only hold a 100% charge for 90 min on standby or 20 min of talk time.
    I went back to the same Sprint store on Colorado Blvd in Pasadena on Sat Oct 17, I informed the rep that i had been in the store the day before and that the battery was not the problem. It was my phone. It got excessively hot, did not charge the battery and went through a charged battery at an alarming rate.
    The Ast Mgr Terrance Tseng then informed me that the cell phone battery i was given on Fri was faulty and that another new battery was needed. I became upset that the service reps would not take the time to test equipment before installing it in customers phones insuring that all parts are in proper working order. I again explained the situation to Terrance instructing him on how i was forced to swap the batteries between my palm Pre and the other one on my act.
    Terrance refused to listen to me and told me " Because you have your wifi on, the battery will drain faster, all i can do is change your battery, if it does not work come back again" I told Terrance its not the battery and that wifi is not an issue , I have an Airave, I then asked him if he would humor me by charging the phone for 5 min insuring that the battery was the problem, not my phone. After 5 min of charging, and 2 hrs of waiting, he told me " It is your phone, I can order you a refurbished phone that will come in on Tue."
    i told him, " What am i supposed to do in the mean time, Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon, Tue with no phone is not an option."
    Terrance then said "You can buy another Pre for full retail price and return it on Tue when you get the refurbished Pre."
    Spend $450 for another new Pre just for the weekend? I just spent over $700 a few months ago when i purchased the 2 new Palm Pre's, I am not going to spend even more money to have a loaner Pre for the weekend.
    I then called customer service from the sprint store and informed them of the issue i was having with Terrance Tseno the assistant manager. The customer service rep on the phone asked to speak to Terrance but instead Terrance had a sales rep repeatedly travel back and forth from the back office relaying msgs to the customer service rep on the phone. Terrance then said through the messenger that the store only has one Palm Pre left and was holding it for a customer coming in on Sunday. That's odd because he offered to sell me one 15 min ago.
    Terrance Tseno acted extremely unprofessional and does not seem to care for my business. I have since also been let down by sprint on all levels. Customer service supervisor Ryan who told me that they are in a call center and there is nothing they could do to help.

    A rep from Service Repair told me that my options are to 1 drive around town until i find a location that is willing to help, and 2 talk to Account Services to see if they can help...

    Kim from Account services again listened to my issue and agreed to send out a refurbished Palm Pre to arrive on Tue. As Terrance Tseng from the Pasadena store did not care to see that i was taken care of.

    So here I am on Sat with no cell phone to keep in contact with any of my clients until Tuesday when FedEx shows.

    I am extremely unhappy with the way that Sprint treats its 10 year customers who have purchased the latest and most expensive phones from them and have an account in excellent standing.

    In these hard economic times I could have easily taken my business to other cellular company's who would give me more for my money but I stuck it out with Sprint. I am now beginning to regret my decision to stay, as it seems that Sprint does not want to take care of the long term customers that they currently have.

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    I had a similar situation. Different hardware problem but I wasn't gonna have a pre for a while after I had bought 2. Retentions gave me a months service credit, like $160. Just tell them if you spent all that money on phones you don't mind spending it on termination fees, they will make you an offer. Its a game, the only way to get treated proeprly is to pretend like your gonna quit playing.
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    I have 3 lines and have been with sprint since 2002. I decided I wanted to cancel the 3rd line that was out of contract, when I called they made an off to knock aprox $40 off my bill a month. I was only trying to save the 19.99 a month for the 3rd line.

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