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    hey, well i see a bunch more stuff has dropped into the app box, which to date we here in canada can not get. plus docs to go is now pushed back a bit more.

    I have said in other posts that i wanted/needed business functionality, I have waited for it to come. Yes there are some issues with battery life, but not a deal breaker in my mind. Frankly, on my palm tx, i would eat a battery in 5 hours if things were busy, the same with my stand alone cell phone.

    No, I will not pay for classic, I see no point in paying a hefty sum for a stop gap at best. I am going to great lengths in using google docs and a few other systems that are out there to get around the lack of certain items. I have tweaked things to get something near to what should be already done.

    it costs me about an hour every weekday morning to get things set up or if its an early morning meeting i work late at home to get it done.

    this thing is suppose to save me time, not cost me more time.

    it is a damn nice system, the best i have tried, but its coming down to the wire here palm. There are approximately 300 sales people waiting on my recommendation on this product. The company is getting quite ****y. Time to get off the bloody pot and do something. Give us the agenda, give us other things that will make this unit the tool that most biz people need.

    If not, we will vote with our feet. not a threat just fact.
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    I guess you should vote with your feet then. See ya!

    Not everyone can nor should be an early adopter...

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