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    Until now, I assumed that the Treo would be like the "wireless web" phones, where you pay about $5 a month, and then your internet usage comes out of your bucket of regular minutes. That would mean that you could use the internet features of the Treo "free" on nights and weekends, when many users have free calls.

    Now I'm reading ( that the Treo requires the use of a seperate ISP. If this is true, this will kill the Treo. Cingular charges $4.95 a month, plus $0.15 a MINUTE for data calls. And you can't use any of your plans included minutes toward those data calls - it's always seperate.

    I find it hard to believe that they designed it this way - is this true? Handspring's website doesn't mention this, and I can see why, it's a major downer if true.

    In this day and age, there are plenty of phones/plans which provide a microbrowser, email, etc. at very low cost. I will be very sad if Treo is not one of them. Can anyone confirm/deny?
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    Good question. I also wonder if you can dail into a RAS system...
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    I would guess that this all depends on how the carrier wants to develop their packages.

    The most appropriate way to describe the situation is that until 3G, the Treo (and all the other phones available) must establish a PPP connection to a network that provides Internet access.

    Des that network need to be Earthlink? It can be. Could it be your own Win2k RAS server sharing your broadband connection? It could be that, too. Could it be a package provided by your wireless carrier? Yes.

    I can do this now with my Sprint PCS Samsung I-300. By default, it is set to use their network for my Internet access. So, Sprint is my ISP in that case. For this, they charge me either $.39 per minute, or a $5 month fee so that I can use my voice bucket minutes.

    I have Earthlink too. Can I dial into them with my I300? Yes, I can.

    And I have a RAS server for my home network. Can I dial into that with my I300? Yes, I can.

    So, it's all about options. Does the Treo *require* a separate ISP? No. Not in and of itself. So it is not a shortcoming of the Treo, Handspring, or GSM. It is simply how GSM carriers in the US are currently providing services to their customers. The same is not necessarily true in other countries, nor will it necessarily be true in the future.
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    I agree it's more of a limitation of Cingular than it is of the Treo. However, it will still hurt the Treo, even though it's not their "fault".

    Cingular will only let you use their network for phones that you bought from them that come preconfigured to dial their server. (That means they won't give you the dialup number or other assistance for 'outside' phones). It appears that Treo does not fall into this category, and that will really hurt Handspring.

    Don't get me wrong, I really hope they change this to make it access Cingular's internal network rather than dialing an outside carrier, but as of now, it looks like you'll be stuck dialing SOMEONE besides Cingular. Regardless of who that SOMEONE is (Earthlink, your own server, whatever), it's $0.15 a minute, since it's a data call going outside their network.

    And $0.15 a minute will really take sales away from the Treo.
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    If (and where do you know this from?) Cingular will point blank refuse to give the phone number and information to people who have bought a Treo, it's hardly a big deal.

    You need ONE person with a data capable phone to go into the appropriate settings menu and post on here the number and other relevant information that's used to set up a data call to the Cingular network service.

    Everyone else can then happily configure those into their Treo. (Where user ID is concerned, often all the phones will be using the same one, rather than configuring something different into each one).

    As it is, since Treo isn't even available yet in the US, I'm not sure how you can be so certain that Cingular will point blank refuse to tell anyone the necessary information.

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    Cingular for the SE USA works like this.You need to have " Wireless Internet " service and it simply uses YOUR plan minutes for the on-line time. Any free night/weekend time is FREE surfing.I've been doing this since 8-2001. " Wireless Internet Express"is for ALL GPRS phones.It sells you a BIG block of data time.Yes I dial my own ISP just as do at home.


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