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    At the time of this writing the Dow is at 9981.17 up 110.11 and palm is at 16.64.
    Is this the day the Dow goes above 10,000 and if it does will it stay there being October which every year is scary?
    We can only hope.
    If you post answer 2 questions:
    1-What date do you think it will break and STAY above 10,000 for more then 5 days?
    2-What will palm stock be at on Dec 31st 09?

    Lets see who is best guesser.

    I say 1- Dow -Oct. 20th
    2- Palm - 21.85
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    What I don't get is how Palm's stock goes from over $17 a share a few days ago to around $16 a share today, when the company just released the Pre on more networks and in more countries!!!??

    Shouldn't the stock be worth more since the company has a bigger market and can sell more product??
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    Have patience. The market will react.

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