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    Good name for it could be PALM BOOK
    Right now Apple is working on that and it will have integrated an interface similar to his phone, that can be sync and do all the magic as the phone does. put it this way as right now palm havent release yet the beta from the app store and iphone has more than 75000 app. they are not worry about app anymore and of course they are improving the phone and creating the multitask interface and probably creating the iphone G4. continuing with the apple table when this new computer launch it will make a hole in the other carriers and palm would not have time to do anything.
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    I could not disagree with you more.
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    It's not Palms market.
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    I think it is already in the Palm roadmap...that is the whole reason behind the WebOS structure. If I am not mistaken they will be coming out with something similar yet way better than the whole Foleo idea.

    So with the new Palm restructuring, WebOS and all, computers from Palm are not such a far off idea. After all, smartphones are just a miniature version of a notebook/tablet/laptop computer. BUT they need some time to get the phones working and everything ironed out in the OS. WebOS is not quite ready for a computer base.

    BUT again...I say we should see something in the works about a year from now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DJeremyC View Post
    I think it is already in the Palm roadmap...that is the whole reason behind the WebOS structure.
    A Netbook sold with webOS would be junk to 90% of the population. How would I install and run MS Office, iTunes or any other software I now run on my Netbook now? PALM would have to develop webOS applications to fill these needs, which would take big $$$, and then they wouldn't even be compatible with anything else.

    Perhaps if they went the Nokia path and did a Windows Netbook but even then the market is saturated. The money for them is in the hand held market. That is where the PALM brand recognition is.

    IMHO that is....

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