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    We all know that Palm isn't really putting as much effort into regaining European marketshare as we hoped for. I personally thought that hiring someone like Paul Ghent (ex-HTC) would help a lot, considering HTC is selling really well in Europe.
    Palm snipes top HTC talent

    This makes me wonder whether Paul is actually still at Palm??? Anybody knows?

    Related to this, I would also think it is to Palm's best interest to announce Pre availability in other European countries before everybody starts buying theirs in UK or Germany.
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    He works in Palm Europe, in charge of EMEA sales, I believe.
    David Contreras is charge of marketing for the EMEA region.

    The number there is +44-20-71 122 333.

    If you talk to someone, please ask WHEN THE HELL THEY PLAN TO ROLL IT OUT IN FRANCE!?!?!?! I got nowhere myself.
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