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    Maybe this will answer some questions. Here is an excerpt from an online vendor which sells cables to connect your Visor with your cell phone. The link is :

    "How does the Palm OS cellular cable work?

    -PalmOS (the operating software) used by Handspring, Palm, Sony and others has a section under Prefs called Network Setting where you simply type in your current Internet Service Providers (ISP) Name, User Name, Password and phone number. This is the same ISP information that you use for your other computers. Same account, nothing changes. When you tap on "connect", the PDA dials your ISP though the cellular phone and connects you to your ISP and the internet. You do not require software drivers. Everything is built into the PalmOS. You get connected in less than 10 seconds.

    -The reason you don't need a modem is because your phone acts as a modem. Your phone is a digital device and so is your Palm device. You only require a modem when connecting to a land line with a computer because a land line is an analog signal and a computer is digital. So a modem is used to convert the digital signal coming out of the computer to an analog signal which your average land line requires.

    -Because your phone is now digital, no conversion is necessary. Your Palm device easily communicates with any digital cellular phone that is "web enabled". Web enabled means it has the ability to transmit data as well as voice calls. Most cellular phones produced today are web enabled. However there are some which are not. Therefore it is important when purchasing a new phone to make sure it is a data capable web enabled phone and a data cable is available for it."
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    Strictly speaking, when people talk about a phone with a 'modem' what they're generally meaning is a phone that appears to be a modem, so that it can make data calls.

    On a digital cell network, it's actually a bit closer to the way things work on ISDN. But anyway... a phone that appears to be a modem is probably best described as one that has data capabilities and, either via the serial port, IR or some other means, responds to the usual AT commands, of which there is a whole set specifically for GSM.

    As long as a phone does that, it will work with just about anything - PalmOS, PocketPile-o'Crap, Linux, Windows, and so on.

    If anyone feels like indulging in pedantry for the sake of it, a GSM phone connecting digitally is more like a Terminal Adaptor than a modem but between us, we've probably confused enough bystanders already ;-)

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    so has anyone of those who have actually recieved their treo tried using it as a modem?

    could you give me some feedback?
    does it work out of the box on windows by creating a new modem on windows and somehow mapping the modem to the IR port?
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    Handspring's support sight contains the following information:

    So, this item dated 2/18/2002 by dowing a search on Modem,
    says the Treo CAN be an IR modem.


    PS: You can find and do almost anything on the internet if you
    can do indirection.
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    '"Treo handhelds and a Visor with a VisorPhone or Digital Link attached contain an internal Wireless modem. The information below relates to Visor handhelds but can also relate to Treo communicators which are being used to communicate with an external modem via infrared."

    It says using the Treo with _an_ external modem (such as a Nokia 7110), not _as_ an external modem...
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    I am tired, I misread it and then mis-represented it.

    But, it is still relevant to the people on this thread
    even if bad news.

    I think I posted earlier, though, depending on how the Treo's internal modem is wired, it may be possible to write a driver to allow to be used as a modem. But that would only be possible if the modem/phone is on a seperate bus with seperate IRQ from the serial/ir port. I seem to recall to keep the hardware and OS simple, the IR and Modem may not be individually addressable in terms of the OS.

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    Don't worry, I see your point!
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