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    Here's some pre-release developer's info from Handspring.

    Included is a link to the "Handspring Treo Product Technical Specification and Development Guide (0.90)" which shows, among other things,
    • - the Treo will have PalmOS 3.5.2H4.0, for whatever that's worth
      - Blazer support for Javascript "planned in a future software update"
      - The handspring products use the standard Palm OS Midi file for ring tones. All the popular tools for creating Palm OS system sounds can be applied to create ring tones for the Handspring communicator products.
      - screen: 30 dpi pitch, LCD active area 47.98mm x 47.98mm
      - screw-in antenna
      - radio module: Wavecom Wizmo 3C with 2MB Flash ROM
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    sweet! I ain't no developer, but I'm betting I'll enjoy reading that! Thanks
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    I have a feeling (or am I hoping?) that there will be lots of development for the Treo. This will especially be so if it sells very well which I suspect that it will. They will fly off the shelves when:

    A. A CDMA version is released and
    B. There is one with color
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    I read that last week - it's rpetty cool

    Unluckily it didn't give the specs to the color screen I guess that's why it's vrs .9 *sigh*
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