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Subject: Treo(tm) 180 Communicator Is Now Shipping!

The Treo™180 Communicator Is Now Shipping!
VisorPhone Owners—Upgrade and Save $150
For Three Weeks Only

We're thrilled to announce that the cool new Treo 180 communicator is now shipping at And if you own a VisorPhone, we've got a special, limited time trade up offer just for you!

VisorPhone Owners—Trade Up and Save $150

Trade up to Treo without having to activate a new service plan

You thought the VisorPhone was cool. But you think the Treo communicator is even cooler. And you want one. Hey, we know how you feel. That's why we've created a special program for our loyal customers who purchased a VisorPhone before February 9, 2002. For three weeks only, you can keep your current phone number and purchase the Treo 180 communicator for only $399—without having to sign-up for a new 1-year service contract. That's a $150 savings off the normal $549 price of Treo without service activation. Plus, you get to keep your VisorPhone, too!

Orders without service activation are expected to ship within one to two weeks. When your new Treo arrives, transfer the SIM card from your VisorPhone to your Treo and you'll be ready to make calls. Then transfer the data from your Visor handheld to your Treo communicator with a HotSync® operation and you'll be all set to go! But you must act fast—this offer is good for three weeks only!

Get all the trade up offer details here

...Or Get Treo with a New Service Plan

Service plans now available from Cingular Wireless and VoiceStream Wireless

If you want to keep your VisorPhone active, you can still get the Treo 180 communicator for $399 when you sign up for a new service plan. The Treo 180 communicator will work with a variety of plans from our partner service providers Cingular Wireless and VoiceStream Wireless—all at their usual rates. And you can choose your desired plan right from

Find out if a plan is available in your area

PLEASE NOTE: The Treo 180 communicator will only work with a GSM service plan. If you're not sure if your current service plan supports GSM, please contact your carrier. You may need to add additional data services to your current service plan in order to use the Treo communicator's email and web functions.

About the Treo Communicator
The one device that does it all

The Treo 180 communicator gives you a phone, Palm OS® organizer, email, SMS text messaging and wireless Internet access* all in one incredibly compact device.

Visit now to learn more.

* Separate GSM wireless service required and may not be available in all areas. Internet and email access require separate ISP service.