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    Just downloaded the latest podcast but where is Mike Overbo? Is he ever coming back to the podcast?

    Did a quick search on the forums and he hasn't been posting since June this year
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    I'd guess he's busy with that crazy thing called a day job.
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    I'm new. Who's that?
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    I'm glad I found this tread, as I have been away from the PalmCast for a couple of months and am also wondering where Mike is. If someone knows why he isn't on the PalmCast and whether he will return, I'd greatly appreciate a post.

    Mike, are you reading the forums?

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    Quote Originally Posted by x3k8r1976 View Post
    I'm new. Who's that?
    Original co-host of the Treocast podcast with Deiter.

    Last mention of mike was that we was too busy with work commitments but he's expected to re-join the podcast. Also, he is a GSM or Verizon user so I don't think we'll hear from him until there's a US GSM or Verizon version for Mike to get-on with.
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    I also miss Mike on the Treocast. The two of them started it and the new team is great, but adding Mike back into the mix once in a while would be great.
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