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    -silly software won't let me link yet! Go to Gizmodo and search for is the palm pre tanking. Sorry!

    Gizmodo did a story with a very negative title "is the Palm Pre tanking?". The sales numbers have been discussed here and other places and aren't a surprise. What I do see is a potential concerted negative news campaign against Palm and the Pre. I've seen a less bad than expected quarterly report get spun as terrible in Gizmodo and elsewhere, the Verizon rumor that spread and was later debunked and now this. Is the Pre in trouble because of Palm/Sprint, or is it under a FUD attack?
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    I do not believe there is a concerted FUD attack fro Gizmodo. Palm is somewhat embattled right now because they picked a fight with the biggest badass in the room. Apple didn't go after Palm; Palm went after Apple. That was a mistake. Now, Palm cannot be mentioned without iTune, Apple, and iPhone coming up as well. Every Pam commercial features the iPhone in some way. Naturally, the Pre will be compared to the iPhone, and will fall short in every comparison. That was Palm's strategy, and so far, not a good one.

    Additionally, they are being cagy about sales numbers. No one know how many Pres have been sold. That is a bad sign. Sprint's head man even suggests that comparing the Pre to the iPhone is not appropriate. Below is a quote from a video clip.

    Charlie Rose asked Sprint CEO Dan Hesse about how the Palm Pre is doing against the Apple iPhone. The bottom line: Well, but not too well. It almost feels like he's admitting defeat from the start.

    Q: Is the Palm Pre making a dent into the iPhone market?
    A: Aaah... It's-it's doing well, but you can almost put the iPhone, to be fair, in a separate category. The Apple brand and that device have done so well, it's almost not... it's like comparing someone to Michael Jordan.

    Well, not really, Dan. It is exactly the same category. It's just that Apple owns the category. So yes, you are right that the iPhone is like Michael Jordan, but the Palm Pre plays in the NBA too. In any case, don't give up so soon. We—the consumers—need the battle so Apple doesn't get so frigging lazy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dandbj13 View Post
    Naturally, the Pre will be compared to the iPhone, and will fall short in every comparison.
    In your opinion, which I certainly don't share. eg multitasking, card metaphor, size, physical keyboard, plan cost, etc etc etc.
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    I love Gizmodo, but let's face it- those guys are extremely partial to the iPhone. I find it very hard to believe the Pre's tanking...but it really does need to get with multiple carriers if they ever want it to really take off...
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    Yes I also think Gizmodo is a little Apple friendly...kinda hard not to be I love Mac. When it comes to the iPhone...completely different story.

    Actually, iPhones one saving grace is all the apps available for the device. Without the Apps Store, iPhones look real old and tired. I wonder how long till Apple wakes up and changes the present design. Either way, I'm looking forward to other carriers offering Pre's and this comes from someone who loves Sprint ($900 savings every year also Rocks!), but they can't do it alone.

    Quote Originally Posted by The Mighty BK View Post
    I love Gizmodo, but let's face it- those guys are extremely partial to the iPhone. I find it very hard to believe the Pre's tanking...but it really does need to get with multiple carriers if they ever want it to really take off...
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    Every now and then I like to search gizmodo's frontpage for the terms 'apple' and 'iphone' (ctrl-f in google chrome).
    15 to 20 instances of those two words come up at any given time
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    Quote Originally Posted by johncc View Post
    In your opinion, which I certainly don't share. eg multitasking, card metaphor, size, physical keyboard, plan cost, etc etc etc.
    I agree that these would be great things for Palm to be talking about, though I am not sure that plan cost is a good idea. Palm, however has set up the conversation so that now, all people think about when the Pre is mentioned is iTunes. That makes people think about seamless syncing, powerful apps, speed and smooth operation, the amount of user available ram, build quality, and of course, iPhone. This is one of those times when Palm should have focused only on itself rather than the 800 lb. gorilla. Now, Palm has to live with many lopsided comparisons instead of being able to focus on their strengths. For the record, I think Synergy is a great strength. Too bad Palm chose the marketing path they did. That is not Gizmodo's fault. Palm wanted the iPhone comparisons; now Sprint's head is wanting to get away from those comparisons.
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    Uh... iTunes is certainly not what pops into my head when the Pre comes up. Do THAT high a percentage of people really care about iTunes so much that it's going to destroy Pre sales or something? I don't use it, and I don't think I personally know anybody else who uses it either... even including the iphone owners I know.

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    imo gizmodo was just ripping into palm because a few days ago they ran a story on the AT&T microcell and slammed it, then got called out when their page had "sponsored by sprint" on it.
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    itunes is certainly notthe first thing I think about...I do think the whole saga is funny though. My point to make is itunes is a non issue. One can use doubletwist (which palm should support officially) media monkey, songbird and there are more options. In addition, if someone likes itunes so much songbird can be themed to look like it and doubletwist already looks like it and if I'm not mistaken media monkey looks pretty darn close too. So in conclusion itunes is a dumb issue to talk about there are many alternatives.

    just like to add as soon as palm saturates the market with more devices on more carriers people are going to see the true potential of this great company.
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    That's nice, but Palm is the one who brought up iTunes. They are the ones who advertised it as a feature. They are the ones who put it on their website. They are the ones who hacked it twice and brought it to the USB-IF. If iTunes is so unimportant, TELL PALM!

    Gizmodo may be biased. I have no love for the Giz. But in the particular article I quoted, the words come from the CEO of Sprint, not the Giz. Your anger is misdirected. Palm wanted people to connect iTunes and the Pre in their minds, not Apple, not Gizmodo. Now Palm has to live with the unfortunate comparisons.
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    I think we all have to remember to take these articles with a grain of salt. The Palm Pre narrative, from its inception, has very much been a predictable media construct. Before its launch, the storyline was: Is this an iPhone killer? I doubt any normal person expected this phone or any phone to dethrone the hyper-successful iPod so quickly, but it made for great headlines and led directly into the next chapter of the narrative: After the Pre's launch, and after it became clear that a great many people were indeed still using iPhones, the headlines shifted to: Is the Pre a failure?

    These articles are eye-catching for sure, and and spark a lot of conversation (which, of course, is their intention), but they don't really mean much. The media like a good narrative, and what's a better narrative than a real David and Goliath Pre vs. iPod story? The reality is that the world is big enough for both phones -- and many more. They needn't be mutually exclusive, as the media would want us to believe.

    Instead of panicking every time a story pops up on Gizmodo or wherever, we should remember that the Pre has a lot going for it -- it's a very impressive first-generation entry from Palm with a lot of potential and a surprisingly large and active fan base after only a few months. I think we can take it on a small amount of faith that a company that was smart enough to design such a great phone will be smart enough to figure out how to sell an adequate number of those phones. The Pre will never reach iPhone sales numbers, but did anybody outside of the media narrative ever seriously think that it would?

    The iPhone is an amazing device, and it's no wonder that so many people are drawn to it. But I don't need to use the iPhone as a yardstick for the success of the Pre. For me, the Pre is also an amazing device that satisfies most of my smartphone needs, and sometimes in ways that the iPhone can't. And as the WebOS developer base grows, so too will the functionality of the phone, which appears destined to reach sales in the millions. I think we can all rest easy. Despite the occasional headlines, the phone is already clearly an unqualified success.
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    I agree with almost everything you just said. The Pre is a great phone that has a lot of appeal. What you, and other level headed posters seem to forget is that Palm, not the media is responsible for picking the fight and making comparisons with the iPhone. Sure, the media ate it up. But Palm is the one who fed them the red meat. If Palm wants this to go away, they need to rid all mention of iTunes from their promotional material i.e. their website, and quit making the iPhone the star of their commercials.

    They are not going after RIM, Microsoft, Google, or Nokia. They are positioning their phone specifically as an iPhone competitor. Palm, not the media, is doing that. Palm is the one living in a glass house that can't get enough of throwing stones. When Palm suggests in their marketing that they are a better value than the iPhone, it makes people want to compare the two. That is Palm's strategy. You may not like the strategy; but you can't get upset with Gizmodo for doing exactly what Palm keeps insisting everyone do.
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    Don't get me wrong, I'm not upset in the slightest that Gizmodo or others write stories like these. All I'm trying to say is that people need not hit the panic button every time one of these articles appears. Just because Gizmodo asks the question doesn't necessarily mean that the Pre is actually tanking.

    As for Palm, it only makes sense that it would go after the phone with the largest smartphone market share. But attempting to put a dent in iPhone's market share is a far cry from proclaiming oneself an iPhone killer -- and one need only look at Palm's modest quarterly and yearly outlook to know that the company in no way views itself as one that will dethrone Apple anytime in the near future. The iPhone-competitor theme is a Palm strategy, but the iPod-killer theme is a media construct. Sure, Palm fed the media the red meat, as you say, and the media has eaten it up to a slightly illogical extreme at times. I certainly don't begrudge them for that. As I said, David and Goliath headlines get eyeballs on articles, which is the whole point of the media game. But I'm not going to flip out every time I see a Pre article that's something other than a puffy glowing lovefest for Palm, and I don't think anyone else should either.

    In terms of Palm's take-on-Apple strategy, my view is that the commercials proclaiming how much money you'll save by switching from an iPhone to a Pre are great -- again stealing some of that vast market share can't be a bad thing for Palm. But I'm with you on the iTunes debacle. It just seems bad form to attempt to tie your success to your very-protective competitor's very-popular application and further fuels a media fight that Palm can't possibly hope to win.
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    It was not my intention to suggest that Gizmodo was running a FUD campain against the Pre, I think they are just one weapon in that (possible) campaign. It's the Verizon story stories leaking out, the Gizmodo/Engadget/etc always negative stuff. It's the way the financial pundits viewed Palms last quarter in a positive light while the tech journalists painted it as dire. When there are reports on Cnet/GDGT/TWIT/ect about the latest Apple iTunes Pre block, they conveniently forget to mention that the problem only occurs if you upgrade to v9.
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    You just lost me. The tech journalists have been giving Palm a pass for the last several months. They love the Pre. They have been very harsh on Apple. The earnings report you mentioned was a bit of a mystery to me as I didn't see the good news in it. Palm is still not disclosing sales figures for the Pre and the number given for total sales of Palm phones was not overly impressive.

    The analysts mentioned beating expectations but never mentioned what expectations were exceeded. To my knowledge, there were no publicly stated expectations to beat, and with no sales figures, how do you know? I think people thought that the upbeat reporting of the earnings felt more like spin than fact.

    The Verizon stuff was unfortunate, but not a conspiracy. There were legitimate reports of Verizon having second thoughts about the Pre. They may not end up being the whole story, but they were not just made up by Palm's enemies. I'm sure Palm will find a way to weather the current storm, but it does not good to pretend that everyone is out to get them. That is simply not true.
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    yes they are. i can criticize the pre and palm with the best. like the fact that so far today there are no apps. That's a whole damn week with no apps. I don't really get what Palms issue is. but i digress.

    Gizmodo strikes me as an extremely pro iphone/pro apple website. i even got banned once after making a negative comment about an apple product. not a flame, or a trolled comment, nothing personal, either. Funny too in that i've got three ipods and was an mac user for 17 years. But it is what it is. Plus, it's a website full of a lot of "nerds" and "gagdet freaks" and "*******" etc. And journalism or logic is not exactly what a lot of their readers are looking for.

    edit: wow. F*nboy is a curse word.
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    Gizmodo talks **** about any phone thats not an iphone. I hate that website they looooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeee anything apple

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