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    Love the site! Love the Pre!


    I have over 500 movies I used to have in a palm application via MobileDB. Palm said there is no way to convert data to WebOs. My old database is fatal.

    Ok, fine.

    Is there any databasing or spreadsheet application for the Pre besides trying to bang around using the "Classics" application software for $30 bucks.

    Question 2:

    I do not want to load Virtual KB until WebOS 1.2 lands on the runway, am I being silly?


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    MobileDB will export to Palm Address or Date Book. You can match the MobileDB fields to fields of your choice in Address or DateBook, add a category "Movies" then sync to the Pre. Alternatively, there is a MobileDb for PC that runs in windows. This can read your PalmOS .DB files and export to comma delimited which could go into a spreadsheet or different data base.

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