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    Based on my VisorPhone experience (I have it for almost 2 months), I am wondering if Hanspring really improved some of bad details from VisorPhone:

    1. Does Treo have new/different phone module ? Visorphone shows very poor in weak signal conditions.

    2. Are the ring tunes programable by user ? Is there a option to play different tune for different callers ?

    3. Does SMS application have customized message templates ? Supports direct lookup in "To" field. Can I import address data directly into SMS message ?
    Are there separate settings for alarms when new message arrives ? Visorphone has very poor beep and I miss many messages.

    4. Does Treo recognize 4-digit caller-ID ?
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    The best time for you to ask these questions in January when the phones are actually released and Visorcentral do a detailed review.

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