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    Hey all,

    For the past couple of days my phone has been recieving texts from other sprint costumers later than they were sent. And yesterday I sent 2 texts to another sprint user (non-palm Pre) and he ssaid he did not receive them (still the case). I found that funny. Last night ~11pm, I started texting my non-sprint user friend. Then all of a sudden texts from a couple of my sprint user friends came in.... the sent stamp was 3-4pm earlier that day. I thought what the heck? Is it the sprint network? Or is it the Pre? Has it anything to do with Sprint integrating Any Mobile, AnytimeSM into Everything Data?

    Does this happen to anyone else? I found it curious once I sent a text it somehow jump started things.
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    I've seen this on Bell too.
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    In a nutshell, this has nothing to do with the Pre, nor is it something new. The root cause is Sprint's SMS network implementation.
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    So what's the solution?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave at PreCentral View Post
    So what's the solution?
    Change Sprint's SMS network implementation?

    Essentially SMS is an email based service, in which each network must have a email gateway, technically if it was a problem with your phone sending it out to the network and hitting the gateway then it could be remedied by sending emails to the correct gateway, an app could do that... but it kinda defeats the purpose... I'd just call up Sprint and see if you can get anything out of it.

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